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The Making of
Since a boy growing up in the French Caribbean, Dylan Verrechia has always had a fascination with chickens. In 2001, he began developing a script about a boy and his pet rooster. Dylan tried to approach his first feature film project traditionally and find large investments but for a first time director money wasn’t easy. So he decided to take a research trip to the Mexican border with his friend and co-worker, James Lefkowitz, an independent filmmaker.

With some broken Spanish, a 16mm camera, and a DV cam Dylan and James began documenting the community of Tijuana and developing a story. Making friends wasn’t hard and quickly they began interviewing anyone and everyone, from the prostitutes in the streets, to human rights activists, Zapatistas, factory workers, husbands and wives crossing the border, gang members, musicians, and cock-fighters. All of them had shared one thing in common: the value of family and taking care of one another no matter the sacrifices.

In the end the brightest personalities were a young boy named Pablo Tendilla and his father, Pablo Tendilla Rocha, an owner of a mechanic shop and former motorcycle racer. Dylan and James were quickly welcomed into the Tendilla household and plans were made of making a film about Pablito. With a few rolls of film they shot a short trailer in hopes of raising a decent budget. But most investors were only interested in sex, drugs, and immigrants. Dylan and James couldn't compromise the trust of this wonderful family.

James convinced Dylan that with $30,000 a feature film was possible. That would cover buying equipment, three months of tacos, housing, paying actors and two soundmen. By tightening their belts and through the generosity and enthusiasm of the people of Tijuana, Dylan and James succeeded in not only making a high quality film but an authentic one. One that shows the bright lights, the true personalities of Tijuana, united in a heart-warming coming of age story.