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The audience
 TIJUANA MAKES ME HAPPY has won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Narrative Feature at the 2007 Slamdance Film Festival, and the 2007 San Antonio Film Festival Indie Max Award. Each and everytime the audience has reacted greatly either when it screened at the Baja California Film Festival in Mexico, at the Barcelona Film Festival in Spain, at the Cracow Film Festival in Poland, at the Los Angeles Latino Film Festival, at the Atlanta Film Festival, or at the IFC Center in New York City where the theater was overbooked and people had to stand in aisles to watch the movie. The filmmakers have had each time a great Q&A with their public.
The success of the theme song TIJUANA MAKES ME HAPPY by Nortec Collective (two-times Latin Grammy Nominees) has already become a classic. The music video features many scenes from the movie, and is playing through Latin America, Spain and the US on MTV and local music channels, and on the Internet on sites such as Yahoo. For the non latino audience this film is cross cultural, and shows at the same time the rich cultural melting-pot of Tijuana and the simple lives of humble and decent people. Although some of the themes may be dark at times, the way each character deals with their surroundings is always humble and honest.